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Cycle Mode 2014 - Sunday 1PM Presentation


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
I have not heard much good about Cyclemode from those I know who have exhibited there in the recent past -- too expensive, the crowd is all newbies not interested in high quality gear, no B-to-B value, especially as the timing is too late for 2015 items (already in the shops), coming several months after Eurobike and Interbike. And I do not see any TCC threads on the topic since 2012.

But it will be rainy on Sunday and I will be going.

Why? A friend asked me to give a presentation at 1PM Sunday.

Details here (in Japanese):

I am not sure why anyone who
(1) does actually go to Cyclemode, and
(2) actually wants to watch a presentation,
(3) at 1PM on Sunday,

would listen to me ... when they could also catch Yukiya A. on the main stage at the same time.


Then again, it might come down to a choice of which "MC" you prefer, or whether you like those J-Sports commentators appearing with Yukiya.

What will I be talking about? Errr ... working on that now. Some comparison of US/Europe/Japan cycling experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. And a few words about safety in memory of my friend Matthew O'Neill, who was killed by a passing vehicle on an randonneuring event in California in August, which inspired a change in California law on safe passing distance between vehicles and cyclists so that he would not be lost in vain.

And maybe I will stray into talking about riding brevets, long distances, at night, in the rain, etc. Then again, why would someone come hear me talk about brevets when at 3PM you could see Mifune-san, former pro and regular at longer Audax events, focus on that topic.


Same answer: His MC(s) did not graduate from Kyoto University!


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
I'm sure your presentation will offer something far outside the thinking of most other J- cyclists, and be of value for those that hear it! Go for it!


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
Thanks. I am still banking on the MC to attract a crowd.


Maximum Pace
Oct 16, 2014
She looks like she can keep a really big crowd of MAMILs from walking away too soon. "Team Keep Left". I don't get that so much. Isn't that like, really preaching to the choir?
Good luck and a personal story will usually keep interest up. Throw a few questions at the MC from time to time so she can't walk away with any people that made their way to your stage by mistake. (joke).


Nov 9, 2014
I was at the Cyclemode on Friday. It was nice since it was not very crowded. I was disappointed the size of exhibitor becomes smaller and smaller each year.
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