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Cycle messenger world championships

erik ZO

Aug 27, 2009
17 years after the first event n BERLIN the cycle messenger world championships will take place in TOKYO this september. The event will be taking place 13-19 september and also on the 26th with a special event on the KEIKAKU BANK!! info can be found on CMWC2009.com
IS ANYBODY intrested in this event?
Oh, cool. Your Erik Zo of Zo bags. I know who you are. So you organize these events. That's very cool. I don't bike messenger but I'll be a spectator. Thanks for coming out this way.
LYLEN- I will be a participant in this event.. I am gathering together items I saved from the early events for a retrspective of the early races.
Welcome to CMWC 2009 Tokyo

Hello I'm Tomity,


with Lucas Brunelle at BFF Tokyo

CMWC 2009 Tokyo


I will be there.
Please feel free to call when you find me.
Tomity san desuka? in Japanese

Talk to soon


Keirin ambassador
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