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Sep 2, 2009
Evening all.

I am in the market for a cycle computer, to keep track of my adventures, and wonder what you are all running, or what you would recommend...

Cheers in advance!

It kind of depends how many bells and whistles you want, but Cateye is ubiquitous, simple, cheap and reasonably reliable. Wireless is nice for reducing the clutter at the front of the bike...


Basic features are speed, distance, average, and time.

Beyond that is cadence > heart rate > GPS (Garmin) > (the ultimate roadie accessory) a power meter.
Got to say I use the Garmin Edge 705 which is bloody great and will let you do stuff like this:


That you can embed in to blogs. I'm looking at also getting the Edge 500 which is smaller.

One other computer that I am very impressed with and have been using for training is the iBike. www.ibikesport.com as it will also give you power wattage outputs and the likes. Basic wireless model is 200 USD but as all the base units are identical you can get software upgrades and features to allow you other functions.
Cool, thanks for the info.

I used to use Cateye computers on my MTB back in the day, and they were always good.

Not sure how many of those extra features I would use, but GPS would definitely be a massive bonus (I seem to get lost very very easily in Tokyo...)
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