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Help Crossbike on a budget


Sep 22, 2009
Can anyone recommend a good crossbike thats under 50,000 JPY (it's all I can afford at the moment)

Also it's got to support about 90kg of lardy Scot :p

My main plan is to ride to work every day if possible it's about 10-12Km for Tennozu Isle to Toyosu using the 316 and then 304

Also my friend who's a keen biker in the UK gave me a Cateye Strada but it seems to be missing the magnets anyone know where I can find some replacements

Welcome to the forums,

Hybrids, I would say the SCOTT speedster range is pretty good, has carbon stays and forks and from what I have heard is pretty zippy. Sports Authority sell them and I do beleive they start off at that range.

As for the wheel magnet your local bike store (LBS) should stock them.
Check out Giant bikes, Escape series.

I bought Escape FS (front suspension) for 49.000 couple of years ago - it's still riding well and I never had any problems with it. Escape FS has got a different name now, I believe, but the entire series is quite nice anyway.

I was looking at the Scott Sub30 and the Sportster P1 these are classed as Urban .The giant range looks good as well

Has anyone ordered from these guy's :- http://www.qbei.jp

Has anyone ordered from these guys :- http://www.qbei.jp
Yep. I bought a 2006 Felt FC3 from QBEI in December of that year. It arrived the next day, fully assembled in a big, sturdy box; I just put pedals on and started riding. No complaints here. YMMV.

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