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Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
For those you who know me, you'll know that "objectivity" is not one of my strong points.
However, even as I was hitting the road, all of the wonderful words of wisdom that Philip wrote following his incident came flashing through my head.
I will endeavour to take a leaf from his book, and refrain from saying too much until all the details (police, etc.) are finalized.
Injuries: When I fell, I was doing "a reasonable speed", when my right shoulder collided with the other guy.
The speed difference was enough to turn my entire body a full 180°and I landed flat on my back. I'm still not sure whether having my backpack on "saved me" or "damaged me" - the thicker, heavier part of the bag is around my lower back, and is what hit the hardest.
It was my first time in a Japanese ambulance, and first time in hospital over here. I felt the health-care to be quite proficient (even if a little impersonal).
I had numerous X-rays taken of my lower spine (lumbar) region.
Thankfully, there is nothing broken, and I should be up and around within a week. I can walk now, but it's very labored, and it takes a long time to get out of the chair.
I will post details of the accident as soon as things are sorted out.
In the meantime I will say this; I broke my own rule by not giving at least 6-feet of berth while passing a "mama-chari".
Thanks for all the warm wishes so far!
"Rubber Down!... Not flying over your body as the back of your helmet hits the pavement!"
take care

I hope you get well soon. Take care of yourself and your wife.:)

Minoru Arai
Get well soon mate! Time to start looking for a new "luckier bike", thats a sure fire way to speed up the recovery.


I am very sorry to hear about your accident.
I do hope that you recover soon and will be able to ride again soon!
Take care.

PS;I really hate the mamachari-riders and taxi drivers who obstruct my passage or block on purpose, knowing it would cause me inconvenience :mad: :mad::mad:


Sorry to hear about that - keep smiling and you will soon be back in the saddle !

Get well soon and get back on the bike today if you can...even for a slow ride...
More importantly...any damage to your bike?
Hope recovery is going well

Sorry to hear about the accident. Do hope that recovery is going well and that you take care (and time) on recovery. Lower back injury can be real pain - not just in terms of pain but linkering effects.

Hope the other person was ok as well.
Travis & Nobuko-san . . .

There is nothing worse than that split second - where time stands still - and you see with clarity the absolute inevitability of your situation. Nothing to do but give yourself up to fate. Then crash, boom, bang.

My sympathies to you and Nobuko-san (who must have been going crazy with worry). Despite your injuries, it sounds like you have sustained no permanent damage. Thank goodness.

Get well soon, and if I can be of any help let me know,

Very sorry to hear this, Travis. Hope you get better fast and the bike is okay.
Travis, I'm just glad you don't have any really serious injuries. I frickin' hate Mama Charin riders. Get well and I hope to see you soon On HT5.
Get well and get back on the bike...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Sorry to hear about the crash and hope you recover quickly. Take it easy in the beginning.
Best wishes for quick recovery ...

Hearing of a friend who has had misfortune always brings it home how we should enjoy each day on the bike as much as we can.

By the sounds of it, you haven't lost your humour & spirit; looking forward to seeing you, repaired, soon.


Get well soon

That's really sad news Travis.

I wish you all the very best for a quick recovery.

Take care of your lower back and go easy for a while.
It was my first time in a Japanese ambulance, and first time in hospital over here. I felt the health-care to be quite proficient (even if a little impersonal).
I had numerous X-rays taken of my lower spine (lumbar) region.

Sorry to hear the news that you are on a chair. You're the last man fitting to a scene on it. Try to sit in a saddle but on a chair,man, if you can! I hope you'll soon be back in a saddle.
Speedy recovery YellowGiant!

Very sorry to hear about this mishap of yours. As you recover, do take it easy at first...be careful not to overstrain your back. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery Travis!
Get back in the saddle soon

Hi Travis,

Sorry to hear about this. Mama charis suck! Rest up and take care during your recovery.

Hey Travis. Bad luck there, mate. That was a good reminder for me to take more care. Glad to hear that there were no severe injuries, but be very careful with your back!
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