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Aron B

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Mar 24, 2012
So on Saturday we started out on a nice ride, with @Andy in Tokyo, @GrantT, @Chikako and hopefully new member Mieko. Some people cut it short, and @GrantT, @Chikako and I climbed up Amamezasu-toge 天目差峠 on the 395 from the Naguri side. After assembling at the top, I went down first, more or less as usual. I've done the descent several times before, and the conditions were good: dry and no debris.

For weeks (months) I had been unsatisfied with my descending, basically not daring to apex enough and/or braking too much, essentially missing the right flow of the corners. This time I slightly misjudged a left-hand corner, braked too hard, skidded, released, and then did not correct enough to avoid a fall (I think it should have been possible). I crashed into the guardrail on the right-hand side of the road, then toppled over it into the forest, tumbling down about 5 meters. I got up right away, hearing @GrantT calling out for me. He'd seen my bike lying on the road. Things were hurting a bit, and after about a minute I tried to make my way back up.

Back on the road, it turned out I had a very deep cut in my right knee, the bone was well visible. None of our phones worked, and @Chikako descended to call an ambulance, then climb back up. After about 30 minutes, three (!) police cars with six (!) policemen arrived first, the ambulance followed shortly after.

I was taken to Hanno Seikeigeka Hospital; they took X-rays and CT scans. Apart from my knee, there were no other serious injuries. I went into surgery for about 90 minutes, receiving surgical and chemical debridement and stitches. After the operation there was no pain unless when putting strain on the stitches.

@GrantT found my phone that dropped out of my pocket and stayed with me until the ambulance was leaving, thanks! @Chikako went with me to the hospital, leaving only when everything was taking care of at 9pm. She then collected our two bikes at the Hanno police station (that the officers had kindly taken with them), got on the train and arrived home with our bikes only at midnight! Also thanks to @Sibreen who offered to pick up our bikes if we would not have been able to.

I've been in that hospital for the past two nights. There are conducting blood tests right now, and if there are no infections I can probably go home today.

Things to take away from this:
  • I have been lucky
  • Improving descending skills is good, but one lapse of concentration could be (near) fatal
  • It was very useful that I carried my residence card and my health insurance card
  • Riding in a group is safer than alone
  • Do take your phone along when riding
  • I have the best girlfriend


Maximum Pace
Jul 3, 2012
Wow. Thanks for sharing. Really happy to hear you are ok. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Quick recovery mate!

Ace girlfriend and friends!

P.S. Also hope you bike survived ;)

Aron B

Maximum Pace
Mar 24, 2012

P.S. Also hope you bike survived ;)

Yep, since my knee smacked into the guardrail, my bike seemed unharmed save some scratches.

That cannot be said of my otherwise blemishless reputation, of course.


Speeding Up
Aug 20, 2010
Aron, I wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for sharing this experience - it's something we can all learn from.


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Really bad news mate, but very relieved to hear you are ok. It could have been a lot worse. Get well soon and I hope to ride with you in the very near future.
We basically did the same ride yesterday (although we didn't climb Shiraishi, we basically went straight instead of turning right up shiraishi). Amazing ride. Really beautiful

@saibot don't worry about Aron's bike. All the dirt and grease would protect it from a fall from the top of skytree ;)


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Jun 1, 2010
Wow, holy hell! Although I'm sorry to hear this happened, I'm sincerely glad that you survived with no long term injuries! As a person (Aron) that I consider to be a capable and competent descender, I'm very interested to get an in person debriefing on the crash. Get well and hope to see you soon!!

Andy in Tokyo

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Dec 16, 2012
Hope you get the all clear today @AronB. You're one of the best descenders I know so the news came as a bit of a shock, to say the least. I'm actually doing that ride today as I had to cut it short on Saturday. Taking it extra careful on those descents!


Speeding Up
Oct 28, 2012

Sorry to hear about your crash, but thankfully it sounds like you will be making a full recovery - good.

Your takeaway points are spot on.

See you both soon I hope.


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Glad you're on the mend and upbeat about the whole incident.

Your girl's a keeper:tup

Did the police form a human wall around you to prevent any further harm coming to your bike or your person? It's better than no response but things must escalate quickly in the Saitama hills to garner such a show of force. "Out-of-towner down! Scramble EVERYONE!" "We don't want another incident like last time!"


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Woh! Bad news mate. Hope you heal completely and quickly! I guess you'll be off the bike for a while but looking forward to catching up once you are back.


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Feb 13, 2008
I had a spill last Friday but it was nothing compared to yours!
I hope you will be back on your bike as quickly as possible.
Good luck....like the others said,it sounds like you are already on the road to recovery.


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Mar 20, 2013
It's stories like these that make me ponder those occasional moments where I'm flying down the mountain and come to a corner sharper than I presumed, on the cusp of coming off only to laugh like a maniac as the tyres catch and I continue apace. Really should practice judging corners. Get better soon.

Aron B

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Mar 24, 2012
Thanks everybody for the kind words.

Unfortunately I have to stay in the hospital for a few more days. The wound is healing nicely but there is a risk of infection showing up in my blood values. I have a view of the Green Line from here, though.


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Sep 17, 2011
That was too bad cutting up your knee like that, Aron. Get well soon! Lucky that you have great support!

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