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Sold! Compex 'Reaper of Souls' Wireless - not for the weak of mind or spirit! ¥40,000 ono


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009

If you are limp wristed and believe that training rides are zone 1 and 2, and that you constantly insist that you are on a rest day, and that the session stops the moment you sit down and drink your Orange Mocha Frappuccino at the fashionable bistro that opened that very same day and spend more time preening your beard that is adorned with festive lights than you do actually riding, then look away.

If, however, you believe that the only way to redemption is through pain and suffering, that you train so hard you bleed from your eyes and religious pilgrims visit your house believing you to be some kind of stigmata, then read on my friend... but in doing so you risk your very soul.

I’m selling my dirty little secret. A black box of forbidden, dark, esoterically veiled knowledge. An ancient and timeless myth.

When myth talks of Pandora’s box, and unleashing evils into the world, what they were talking about was the Compex Wireless. Spawned in the Chaos of Warp Space by the vast, cool and unsympathetic intellects of immortal gods.

The Compex Wireless is the very definition of suffering – with each cry of pain, each session completed, another small part of your very soul becomes trapped in this infernal machine. The more of you it consumes, the stronger it grows, its evil growing as your power rises. But what really drives this machines, what spurns it on to darker depths of depravity, are the shattered and broken dreams of each of the cyclists you destroy on your group training rides, coffee runs and most importantly races! It feeds upon the souls of your defeated foe, which then through dark arts and the technologies that bind our world to that of the unknown, are bestowed upon you, pushing you further toward the abyss.

So why am I selling it?

Trust me my friends, I would destroy this evil if I could, but I am weak and no longer the master of my actions or thoughts. He sees me. I am an empty husk, no feeling, no emotion, and the infernal box has sapped the very essence of who I am. I wander this earth awaiting my final fate, where unknown wings will carry me off to the immaterium to meet my master and the horrors he sees fit as payment for the temporal meaningless, glory and forbidden knowledge that mortal man should never know.

In a moment of honesty, I am willing to admit, my friends, that the only thing that helps me sleep now, is the sweet extract of the poppy. The deep muted slumber it brings is the only thing that stops me feeling the spectral hands of the fallen - the broken dreamers whose souls and dreams I reaped, waiting for me in the shadows, they plot and laugh.

But I digress, I need 40,000 ono of the Japanese Yen to put my affairs in order, but hurry as his agents are not far off. They seek to take this from me, to use it for their own selfish needs and the downfall of mankind.

The unit is almost new as it was a replacement for the original that they kindly upgraded for me after almost a year of use. It contains everything you need and comes in its original box and includes lots of Electo Pads.

The unit is wireless so you can actually use it while riding on an indoor trainer - I did this for muscle balancing in my weaker leg and was able after 2 months of off season training balance the wattage of both legs to within +/- 2 watts over 1 hour.

Original Box in perfect condition!

Some of the words they use to trap you

You will feel a cold presence pass over you when you open the box, it is already too late for you!

The pods charging - they are coming disconnect it you fool!


The lies they told me - its Eldritch Technology I tell thee!!

"Compex is a Swiss brand that has built up unparalleled expertise over a period of just over twenty years in the areas of physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training. Over the years, Compex’s flagship electrostimulation technology has become an essentially to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique coming from an unparalleled expertise, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment. Backed up by clinical trials proving their effectiveness, Compex stimulators belong to medical device category class II and meet the requirements of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

TO FIND OUT MORE: www.compex-professional.com


COMPEX® Electrical Muscle Stimulation becomes essential when you are looking to improve your performance and well-being; whether as a complement to or occasionally to replace voluntary physical activity. Whether this involves training, muscle work, relaxation, a desire to improve your shape, to recover or else to relieve a pain, COMPEX® fully assumes its responsibilities as electrostimulation market leader.

The faultless technology of COMPEX, drawn from its double roots - Swiss quality and medical requirement - is, furthermore, easy to use. Since the launch of mi-muscle intelligence, simplicity has become an obsession which is seen in each product of the new range. Pushing further still our responsibility as leader!

If electrostimulation is beneficial for everyone... If it enables everyone to find or awaken their potential... Then, everyone should have access to Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulation, in conditions of maximum effectiveness!


Electrostimulation and muscle intelligence™ , created by research laboratories, an exclusive and revolutionary technology, Compex MI, muscle intelligence™ automatically personalizes the stimulation settings depending on the physiology of each user. It is this systematic personalization that makes for a more comfortable and hence more efficient workout. Thanks to the mi-sensor miniature sensor a new world of precision and effectiveness has opened up in your workout sessions.

Twenty-five years after the launch of the original Compex MI, the sports community entered a revolutionary era of unlimited possibilities in electrostimulation for existing and new electrostimulator users alike.

For the first time, professional electrostimulation for sports purposes is transferred without the use of wires. COMPEX Wireless is the first wireless electro muscle stimulator (EMS) in the world that offers profestrainingsional, safe and effective muscular contraction while using wireless technology. For current electrostimulation users, this finally takes away the last hurdle for regular, comfortable use. COMPEX Wireless has no limits in time and place of use, in frequency, in performance, in online support and in product design. In the sports community, this is the first device in the world that offers wireless electrostimulation for a complete workout, before, during and after .


Since we were founded, we have dedicated our energy to muscles and their treatment, such as muscle pain. Because the correct working of the body is an essential need, we support individuals on a daily basis; whether they are: healthcare professionals (such as physical therapists), professional and amateur athletes, individuals suffering from muscle pain, etc. Compex, the muscle specialist, is always looking to support its clients in their quest for well-being, performance or even exceeding training objectives.


DJO is a supplier of high-quality, orthopedic devices with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. The company develops, manufactures and distributes a broad range of surgical reconstructive implant products. Healthcare professionals and sports professionals alike come to DJO seeking treatment for their patients or for their athletes. DJO is one of only a few orthopedic device companies that offer a diverse range of orthopedic rehabilitation products addressing the complete spectrum of preventative, pre-operative, post-operative, clinical and home rehabilitation care."


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
More information:

Compex Wireless is a wireless, portable electrical muscle stimulator that can take your workouts to the next level so you can achieve peak performance. Wireless optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping avoid injury.
  • *The first FDA-cleared wireless electric muscle stimulation device
  • *All the benefits and programs of the Compex Sport Elite, while delivering the freedom of wireless
  • *Wireless pods replace bulky cables to offer maximum mobility during muscle stim sessions (both active and passive)
  • *Pods connect to the electrode pads with patent pending easy-snap application
  • *Smaller, sleeker, and lighter design than wired versions
  • *New LED interface and smart-touch buttons for more intuitive control and usability
  • *Easy-to-use individually controlled channels for targeted therapy of specific muscle areas
  • *9 programs with 3 levels of progression for the maximum number of options to enhance warmup, workout, and recovery - More can be added through downloads directly from the Compex website!
  • *Ultra-sleek docking station for easy, self-contained storage and charging of control unit and electrode pods
  • Programs:


Targets fast twitch muscle fibers. Increases sheer strength and works the muscles at maximum power with less risk of injury to joints and tendons and virtually no cardiovascular or mental fatigue

Training Recovery:
Produces a muscle twitch. Clears lactic acid, increases blood flow, promotes muscle relaxation and enables a faster recovery

Optimizes muscle potential before a workout or competition. Especially effective for sports requiring speed and velocity. Applied briefly just before the beginning of a competition, it offers immediate, well potentiated muscle.

Targets slow twitch muscle fibers. Increases blood flow in the muscles and establishes a working regimen for developing the oxidative power of the endurance muscle fibers.

Targets both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. Builds muscle size, strength and density.

Explosive Strength:
Targets fast twitch fibers located in large muscle tissue. Improves jumping, sprinting or “explosive” muscle movements.

Competition Recovery:
Produces a muscle twitch. Runs at a lower frequency and clears lactic acid, increases blood flow and promotes muscle relaxation when muscles are fatigued after a vigorous workout or competition.

Produces a muscle twitch. Runs at a low frequency and increases blood flow and oxygenates the muscles prior to a workout or competition.
Muscle Relaxation:
Produces a muscle twitch. Runs at the lowest frequency possible to relax muscles that are severely fatigued after a workout or competition.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Sold Pending Payment


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Ok buddy - Are you back in Japan now?
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