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Compact to Standard


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
With Fuji Speedway enduro on the 24th I need to change back to my STD crank (53-39) from the compact (50-34) Can I keep the same chain length?
I had room for a 28 rear cassette! But will run a 25with the Std.
I think I should be OK

PS Any new "wimp" comments about compact cranks with a 28!:eek: are welcome . My riding buddies have run out!:eek:
I'm no expert but when I switched (both directions) I never bothered changing chain lengths...seemed all right.

By the by, have you considered just changing the cassette to an 11-23 (or 11-21)? 50-11 is a bigger gear than 53-12. Would save mucking around with the cranks.
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