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Commuting by Bike. Ebina to Yokohama


Aug 2, 2008
I am new to cycling and I really would like to cycle to work as part of my training. I live in Ebina (end of Sotestsu line) and I work in Yamate in Yokohama. I am looking for an efficient route that is relatively quiet (although I will be starting out about 5.30 so it probably will be quite quiet).

Can anyone suggest a route...or several different routes to get me started. I don't have a car so I am not that familiar with the roads...just trying to do exercise and travel in one hit!


Route 40 - 16

City driving but not too busy. Only one hill to speak of near Kogane Cho station, then perhaps another up Yamate if you work on top of the hill.
Thanks Phil, really useful. Do you know of any web links that will provide a decent road map. I have tried Google maps but it is hard to piece it all together on the view it provides.

Thanks again.
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