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Come ride with me - 26 March to 3 April


Feb 2, 2013

I'm going to be in Japan on a cycle tour from 25 March to 3 April. My plan is to do a big loop round Tokyo heading first to Izu then up round Fuji, into Nagano-ken, then Gunma-ken and eventually to Nikko before riding back to Tokyo. I appreciate the bits in Nagano and Gunma will be at the mercy of the weather but I'll be bringing good wet / cold gear and I've tried to make it so I have get out options with trains if it all gets too much (on my first day I'll be looking for a rinko bag).

Anyway the purpose of this post is to offer anyone who fancies it the chance to meet up for a ride for a day or more. It would be good to have some company and join up with people who know the roads a bit more than me. With this in mind my daily plans look like this:

26 March: Kamakura to Kawazu on Izu
27 March: Kawazu to Toi
28 March: Toi to Kawaguchiko (possibly via ferry to Shimizu)
29 March: Kawaguchiko to somewhere near Karuizawa
30 March: Somewhere near Karuizawa to Ikaho (near Shibukawa)
31 March: Ikaho to Takaragawa (near Minakami)
1 April: Takaragawa to Nikko
2 April: Ride round Nikko (Lake Chuzenji maybe?) and temple viewing
3 April: Nikko to Tokyo via various rivers

If you fancy joining me for any of this drop me a private message and it would great to hear from you.

And if not thank you anyone for all the excellent information on this site.
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