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Club (forum) calendar?


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
Hello moderators and administrators,

I was wondering if it is possible to somehow organize the TCC schedule in a better way and noticed a cute little calendar on the front page (left side of the window). It seems, that now it only shows the current date and nothing else. Maybe, it is possible to make a better use of it?

For example, when somebody is posting an invitation to a ride official/unofficial, or an invitation to a race (crits, enduros, HC, etc.) , one could fill a special form marking the date of the event, which would automatically link it to the calendar on the front page and mark the day with a color and a link to the thread?

I am not sure if it will be of any use, but there are some rides and races posted on the forum, which are then missed and forgotten due to a large number of messages on the front page - it could help keep them alive.

I have no idea how that calendar works and if it is possible to do such a thing though :rolleyes:
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