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Help Clothing Question....?


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
OK, I'm looking for something to wear for pants, not cycling pants, I have some of the padded underwear on the way from Wiggle, great clearance price, but I need some pants. Currently I wear jean, they are a bit tight in the thighs, the seams are really giving me crotch rot as they make pressure points on the saddle and when I sweat the cotton sucks it up. I need something that is similar in appearance to pair or casual pants, with pockets etc, but will be comfy on the bike for my deliveries etc.

3/4 length would be OK too.
Any suggestions?


Type R

Jul 25, 2010
any kind of pants not jeans with a zip off section around the knees. I find those are great for cycling and when I arrive at work i zip on the bottom portion.


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
Thanks for the suggestions!


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Good idea for a thread...

Those Mont Bell threads look promising.
I'll be commuting a lot more (I hope) and hate having to change all the time at my destination to hide my cycling clothes.

I usually have clothes hidden at two places I go to and throw the 'work' pants over my cycling pants and put on a business shirt as well.

Will be looking for some light cycling wear that looks less like sports clothes and more like work clothes..especially breathable long pants that won't get caught in the chain.

Rain wear sometimes does the trick but usually results in too much sweat...


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
yeah, just try something with a lighter material, I usually wear long johns and shorts

Uh, can you post a pic or two? :)


And Stu, rereading your OP, rather than the dedicated cycling pant$, I guess I would try a few different cheapies first. Around here, both JUSCO and some of the other discount outlets have thin cotton or cotton blend stuff for a thousand yen or less. They might not wear as long, but you could get six pairs for what I posted above, and use some velcro or roll them up to keep them from chain contact.

The true cycling designs might have seams that are better located for a cyclist, but in the overall, that might not be so important.


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
+1 for Mont Bell. Once you get their sizing figured out, their trousers are top notch.


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
Thanks for the suggestion JDD!

I still have to go to the big and tall shops, but I'll check them out too!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Stu..... MTB or BMX street wear... I got a nice pair of Oakley trousers that are designed for riding but look like everyday smart jeans. they have vents on the inner and outer thigh areas as well as the ability to turn in to shorts. The other great things is they have a detachable padded inner-shorts



These are similar but no half cut option.Vans and Airwalk also make some great kit if you can find it.
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