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Close encounter with the Anchor team


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Taking advantage of the beautiful "warm" weather today and a free afternoon I headed out for Arakawa today. The headwind up the river was fierce, but my favourite selection of MP3s and a cycling lane all for myself compensated for the Don Quichotesque drudgery. Just when I was humming along "Major Tom" I heard agitated chatter behind me, and before I realised was was going on I was overtaken by a 8-man peloton of the Anchor Bridgestone team. We had met these guys before during the last Fuji International Hillclimb when we stayed at the same minshuku.

They slowed down a bit and I managed to keep pace with them. It was very interesting to watch their interaction. They were quite relaxed and apparently enjoyed their afternoon training run a lot. They would pass the gates along the river by riding up the grassy hills instead of squeezing through the gates, nearly causing some of them to crash. I guess they don't have to pay for their equipment. When they cruised really slow on the dam I took all my courage and zoomed past. Soon the headwind picked up. The thought of having the Anchor team on my back really made me sweat! :warau:

On the last stretch before the bridge into Saitama the peloton eventually overtook me, leaving no doubts about the difference between pros and amateurs. Anyhow, it was fun cruising with these guys. I am certain we'll meet them next October in Shizuoka.
If you ask them nicely they'll come and give all of TCC a day of talks, training tips and riding... especially if you can muster up around 20 riders.... They did it for us up in Mt Tsukuba in 2006.
One of our riders is in the racing team and our team captain works there as well.
They'll let you ride with them when training as well just start talking to them next time.
Half their job is training/racing the other half is PR.
Difference between...

Thomas, having 8 guys over-take you (while they're in Team-Trial-mode) is nothing to be ashamed of!
Remember this! That first guy who passed you, was sitting behind SEVEN guys for most of the way before he caught you.
There's a big difference in doing the same distance individually.
We should probably get something like that happening.
It's a team-work thing, more than individual effort.
That was nice of you to let them overtake you, Thomas. Don't want to make them feel too bad this early in the season :) :)
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