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Jul 26, 2008
If there are any other ideas ...

EricinIkebukuro asked for ideas.

Since today was payday, here's my challenge:

I will donate ¥2 to the red cross for every meter of climbing any TCC person does this weekend.** (conditions follow)

If one of you goes out and does a thousand meters, that'll be a ¥2000 donation. If three TCC people do that same ride together, it'll be ¥6000. And so on.

And hey, the weather's looking great (over there..., not here :( ), so this offer is valid for rides done both tomorrow, the 26th, and Sunday, the 27th. Going out both days is fine, and/or ride thru Saturday night if you want.

I'd appreciate it if you'd post your garmin data below--either as one of their activities or via ridewithgps or some similar site. Embed your maps if you want, but please also summarize what climbing you did so it'll be easier for me to total up. Sorry, but formal events are disqualified (if there's an audax this weekend, that won't count). Multiple TCC'ers on the same ride only need to report/post once--I'll trust that you went together--just tell me what other TCC people went along.

Also, please count only riders who are registered members of this board as of the time of this post. E.g., a half-fast ride (rides) will count (not an official event), but (Mike?) please only count riders who are signed up here.


**Sorry, but you people often shock and awe me with your elevation numbers. So, my basic max donation in the name of "climbing for Tohoku" will be ¥20,000--or 10,000 meters of climbing. However, meet the basic goal and there'll be a bit of a kicker. If you folks do meet and surpass (even just a little bit) that 10k meters of climbing, I'll tack on another ¥10,000 bonus for a max donation of ¥30k.

John D.
That is an excellent Idea that you have and I appreciate that you are willing to donate so much of your own money. I am working at NBC right now so I won't be able to ride tomorrow but I will try to get out sunday! Your Idea is very simple yet very good. Perhaps organizing a large climb event and getting companies to pledge donations might be possible. I am contacting a group called Japan Coast to Coast who are very expirienced in doing charity rides in hopes of being able to organize something with them. I will definately pass your idea on to them as well!
Hey jdd, that's quite an original idea you've come up with.
Stuck at work this morning due to all of the rolling blackouts, but might be up for a bit of dig this afternoon. The ride I'll be able to do is quite short, but straight up:). I will post any relevant figures here if I'm able to do it.

It definitely won't break the bank, though!!:)
Hi jdd, great idea & Thanks for this generous donation.

Today we rode the Tominnomori route from Shinjuku.
My garmin data is here.
As you see the garmin data, our 'elevation gain' is 1588m.
Tim, Takaaki, Ludwig, Terajima, Kimm was the today's member.
And I think Steve was there too but we lost the chance to ride with him.
(Ludwig, Terajima went to Kajahari-rindo after tominno-mori but to make
our record simple, let's put us together for this elevation.)

FYI, Tim&Kimm will donate to another organization things by today's rule.
Thank you, :D


So that's 1588m of climbing, x 5 riders, = 7940m total climbing.

I'll skip the yen equivalent for now, but I'd guess the basic 10k goal will easily fall tomorrow. (or if someone else posts later about today)

John D.
I'm in on this - I guess it means I need to go out again tomorrow - maybe can leave in noontime and find some hills close by. Kimm thanks for posting the data. HAL was a bit on the blink today and didn't record properly - maybe cause the broken spoke (w wheel magnet) issue.
Tim, Takaaki, Ludwig, Terajima, Kimm was the today's member.
And I think Steve was there too but we lost the chance to ride with him.

Kimm, yes, I believe I passed you coming up the other way ! So I will post my climbing for today as well.

John D - great idea and extremely generous of you. Good for the people of Tohoku... well, and good for our fitness as well. So let me help to debit your bank balance ! My total Garmin total today was 2322m.

By the way, your idea sparked off a similar idea that I'm putting into action: for every km I cycle, I donate 10 yen. At the end of every month I tally up the Garmin totals and submit the contribution. From next week I'll take the Garmin with me on my commute which should pull up the numbers I hope !


So 7940m + 2322m = 10,262m...

...and the challenge is over?

Sheesh, that seems like it was overall too easy and too quick. I was imagining there'd be more separate posts of rides needed. Maybe I should've thought it out a little differently--making the climbing threshold higher and the amounts lower (not to be cheap, but maybe one yen a meter instead of two, which at least would've included today's rides).

Anyway, good luck with any rides today, and tomorrow morning I'll be transferring ¥30,000 to the red cross. :)
I won`t bother listing my measly climbing from yesterday then. Maybe, making a maximum amount for 1 ride, counting group rides as just 1 ride or doing it on highest point reached on each ride might have kept things going a bit longer... Good idea though.
confirmation email (決済ID removed for possible security issues):




決済ID :x-x-x-x
氏名 :ジャン デニス 様
金額 :30,000 円
決済日 :2011-03-28 10:43:20
受領証 :要

総務局 組織推進部
TEL 03-3437-7081

<end quote>
WTG JDD, very nice thing to do, and to all the climbers, that was some hard work for a good cause! :cool:
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