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Nov 21, 2006
I come to Tokyo about once per month but have always found too many other stress points to attempt the trip with bike in a bag. So I am now considering basing a cheap bike in Tokyo. Ideally I wanna buy a second-hand city/hybrid type, but would consider just about anything in full-working order (This is just to get around on :bike: not race the likes of Mssrs. Kikkoman, Giant et al).

Does anyone have one for sale?
Can anyone recommend a second-hand stockist? West Tokyo preferred.

I am 185cm, 110kg, so I don't think many of the Japanese folders would be any good. :eek:
Hi Aphex, i'm a bit in the same situation :
looking for a rusty 2nd hand road bike.

My super flashy one got stolen a couple of days ago in Bruxelles :eek:uch:

Anyway, if you find any tips, could you share them here ?

Thanks and good luck,
Oh, shit, I hate it when that happens, I dunno but if I find a good place will let you know, the Japanese frequently throw out bikes that are a bit old, if you are OK making them good again that is fine, but mainly they are shopping bikes, (like the ones you can rent from a machine in Bruselles).

Make sure to drink lots of Kriek before you come, it doesn't taste nearly as good over here. What's more, the Japanese have no idea how to do fries either.
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