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May 29, 2008
Don't get me wrong, I love my Cannondale Six, full carbon everything.
But it's not a good bike for commuting, locking up on the street while I'm at work, or having dinner with friends or whatever.

Ideally, I'd bike everywhere and only take the train when I figure there's a good chance I'll drink too much to walk (or ride) in a straight line. Rain, snow, whatever. I'd rather be on my bike.

So, that means I need to get a second bike.

I want it to be a road bike frame and handle bars but it can be heavy, old, used (ideally), etc. It has to be locked on the street while I'm at work so it doesn't need to be pretty. I'd like to pay less than 40,000. Used/old is fine.

There is a fixie for sale on CL but I'm not convinced fixie is the way to go. I'm commuting in heavy traffic (Inokashira-dori, Roppongi-dori, GaienNishi... etc.)

I want a rack, fenders, lights, probably petals with one side SPD and the other side flat.

What are your thoughts on
1) Where should I look for a used bike that isn't a mamachari?
2) riding fixie bikes in heavy traffic?
3) anything else to consider for a commuting city bike?

Thanks and hope to see you out and about soon again!
Well, you know my thoughts :)

1) Personally I think the TokyoCycle 'generic' bikes are pretty cool. Cheap, rugged and at least give some roadable feel.

2) Get something that does have horizontal drops - so if you wanna go 'fixie' you can. Its great for training and supplementing your normal cycle training.

3) Many fixie wheels these days have fixed / free threading - so you can just put , say, a fixed gear cog on one side and a freewheel (coaster) cog on the other.

4) Since you'll have the brakes - dont really need to go 'full boat fixie', but I think you'll enjoy the benefits (and fun) of riding fixed!

5) I'm quite happy with my Shimano flat/spd, btw - they cost less than 3500yen at BIC. Great when I just wanna jump on my bike in whatever shoes I'm wearing.

Bear in mind, the nice thing about single/fixie is you have minimal maintenance.

6) As for fixie in traffic - this will just get you thumbs up and high street cred! Enough to make any commute back from a crappy day at work worthwhile!

7) I was thinking recently about one of the cool semi-folding small wheel bikes and then stripping it down to fixed gear. That would be pretty awesome. Saw some very nice candidates at the Y's in Shibuya, BTW - I'd say go check it out - its my favorite Y's around Tokyo.
Koribeyer, sorry I can't answer your question but Cannondale 6 was voted the best bike of 2010 by Cycling Plus, a UK magazine. Must be a nice ride. Was hoping to catch up at Kusatsu, too bad you won't be riding. Anyways, goodluck with your search:D
Well, if you want to be out and about all the time, are fenders/mudguards something you need? That would be my priority over having drop bars. So I'd be kind of iffy on a road frame, and would instead be looking to find some kind of cross frame w/clearance for that. Also, commuting, a flat bar (with bar ends) would keep you up and looking at traffic, and if you're not going big distances, I don't think the bars would be much of an issue.
Yahoo Auctions or CL, fixed is a pain in the arse in high traffic areas IMO. Get a suitably sized roadbike as cheap as possible and ride that with a heavy as lock. Wouldn't worry about looks, rust is good. If it needs a few repairs good, you can do them. If the shiters don't work then use you derailler limit screws to lock it into one gear. Looking at older frames will give you room for fatter tires for comfort and fenders. I like your thinking in keeping your C'dale nice and safe.
"Frame size is 430 mm, that might be a problem, though. "

Compact geometry will be no problem. Pull the seat up and good to go, all way around the world if you like.
Giant with the Roo bars

Gotta love that front rack! Looks like something you could use to carry the yoppari oyaji home on - just drape 'em over! This bike would be cool if it was painted in a PRC camo. I have a set of PLA Tank googles that would go nicely..


this one looks quite OK for your purpose and should be within your budget:
Frame size is 430 mm, that might be a problem, though.
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