Ciao Ciao ciclista !!

May 27, 2007
This is
I'm live in West side of Tokyo, In this City name is very simple "NisiTokyo-city". Nisi is English meaning is West.:rolleyes:

my start of cycling is very long are go, Frast time is about 6 or 7 year's old.
That time bycycle is very high price, bicouse I ride very big bycycle try to triangle style raid.
That style is oneside of foot insert to bycycle front triangle, and then useing pedals.
Maybee you don't konw that ride style, In this time we can not look in Japan.
Very long time go story.

My frast time of cycle touring is my house(Tokyo eastside downtown) to Hakone-Springs.
Me and tow friend used single gear With chain in box type Juner style cycles.
That trip is so long, We wear on shoole gym wear and simple soft shose.
Ranch wrap it Furosiki(That is trdisyonal Japanese wrap closs) crossing on ouer shoulder.
Hakone-Springs is top of hill, bicouse very hi angle load raid are need.
We do not on sadle, only foot on walk. That is very hard way, But passing hill so fain vew and good thing.

I visited various countries and cities as PRO of Rockclimbing afterwards.
After having retired itself in Rockclimbing. However, I work as pleasure by cycling of the weekend now.

Maybee that Experience is base of my in this time cycling.

I belong to an amateur cycling club and participate in RoadRace as a racer and an judge.

I grow old, but it is a new face in TCC.
I will participate in a pleasant plan and want to enjoy pleasure of cycling.

Ciao Ciao amico!!