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Child Seat Recall

Thanks for the info - the more serious safety issue (having a small child) is that most of the mothers (and fathers) never use helmet with their kids, ride on the wrong side of the road, usually using keitai /umbrella /smoking while they are riding. Overloaded with another kid and groceries, etc. I also wish we had more choices in child seat in Japan. The Bridgestone and OGK are just junk compared to the Bell and other NA / EU brands.
Sweet! I'm still looking for the utlimate in lightweight - superior strength and portability concept. I like child-in-front concept the best - but when they get too big, then they should be put to work as a stoker.


1) Aluminum reinforced carbon shell seat
2) All mounting points made from plastic so not to damage frame
3) Flow-through ventilation and better aerodynamics when riding without kid
4) Somewhat portable from front mount, to rear mount
5) Auxillary 'stoker pedal' kit (for rear mount)

I saw a picture of Eddy Merckx cycling with his kid on his bike. He had fitted a standard saddle with clamp to the top tube and it had like stirrups for the kid's feet. This was also cool idea. Up until age 3 or so - this would be fine. After that - better for them to ride on the rear.

Interested in making your own?
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