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Chelmsford, UK


Feb 22, 2008
Hi bikers,

we are wondering to visit and ride bike in Chelmsford, UK, a city located in north east of London.
So, are there anyone who has visited there or knows about it? My primary concern is the type of the city, for instance, is it a bed town for commuters to London, or how is the economy or business of the city or are there nice bike passes and so on. You'll be appreciated to give us any relevant info. or suggestion, thank you. :)

Word of caution, take a good lock, a very good lock for both bikes. Make sure that you lock up both front and rear wheels and if you have a saddle with quick release then either take it with you or lock that to the bike as well.

Although bike crime in London and its surrounding areas has decreased in recent years with the introduction of more CCTV cameras it is still pretty bad, especailly if you have a nice bike.

Never leave it unlocked even for a second, I seen people have bikes stolen as they were using a vending machine.

Im painting a pretty bleak picture here I know, but its always better to be safe than sorry.
Hi guys, many thanks for info and suggestion. We'll be moving there in July and enjoy riding.
The advice given by FarEast applies to the whole of UK as well. Anything that isn't chained down tends to go for walkies.
I lived in London for 4 years and once cycled out through Epping Forest to Chelmsford. The ride was nothing special to be honest (I never did it again) and all roads seemed to lead to either M roads (Motorways) or A roads (major roads with cars speeding along and no road shoulder for bikes, etc). Not very enjoyable.

Your best bet would be to ride away from London direction and try and find some narrow country roads which are scenic with very little traffic, although again many of these roads don't last that long before they end up joining M and A roads.

Finally, stay away from East London on your bike if you can at all avoid it, especially just before, or worse, after, a football match!!! Never again ... :eek:
Hi, all

Your suggestions are really really helpful, we begun to find places in UK of more scenic beauty for bike riding, thanks. :)

Cycling Plus, one of the best cycling magazines in the UK, regularly has a feature on routes in the UK. On their homepage there is a section on routes and rides where you can run searches.

Below are the results for a "Chelmsford" search:


Cycling Weekly, another good cycling magazine, has a lot of club information in it. It's very possible that you will be able to find some good clubs and teams in the Essex area. They also have a searchable list of routes on their homepage.

This club also has a lot of information and seems to be very active: http://www.essexroadscyclingclub.com

I have the impression that the northern part of Essex around the border with Suffolk, particularly in the Sudbury area is very picturesque, with lots of thatched cottages and rolling hills.
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