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Cheap Helmet and protection


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
It's as light as many other helmets costing many times more. Reviews seem to be generally good, but people generally don't know anything. You could buy it and send it back if it doesn't fit you. I would at least try on some more expensive helmets in a proper shop beforehand to see what a good helmet fit might be.


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
I wouldn't buy a helmet without trying it on. Individual brands will have their own shape. You're head may not be that shape. Best to go and try them all on at a shop like Y's road that has a good range, then you can see what is most comfortable for you.

Bruno BQ

Maximum Pace
Mar 9, 2015
I see, so the most important feature I should seek is comfort. I will try to hit a store and check the types so.

The protection efficiency is similar in all of them?


Maximum Pace
Apr 3, 2012
The protection efficiency is similar in all of them?
No. Some helmets have MIPS which in theory reduces the amount of impact to the brain. You'll find manufactures like Bell and Giro with them.

They still won't make you invincible against the crushing forces of a car, but will reduce the risk if you happen to fall on your head.


Maximum Pace
Nov 30, 2013
I would buy a brand helmet (my favorites are Giro and Specialized) that has good reviews for things like ventilation, actual (versus claimed) weight, ease of strap usage and cage adjustment, and take notes of comments on fit--some are more designed for oval circumferences, others for circular--then try a few on at several different LBSs. I wouldn't go real cheap on a helmet--it is something you will have for a long time, and if need be, could make a big difference in how you come out of a tumble.
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Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
That's it init. Don't skimp on the thing that could save your life.


Maximum Pace
Dec 8, 2014
Something that I've found works well to absorb sweat and also improve the fit of your helmet is a "helmet inner" ヘルメットイナー. They come in packs of 2 or 5, a pack of two costs about 500yen from Workman.
Helmet Inner.jpg


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
Some of the Specialized riders in Thailand this year were wearing "elasticated rubber like strips" on their foreheads to prevent sweat going into their eyes. Looked odd by they said they worked well.

Bruno BQ

Maximum Pace
Mar 9, 2015
I was planning to get a brand one, still when I found one that cheap I was wondering how much difference there would be on all the brands and models. And when I asked about protection efficiency I was expecting there was some crash test that would grade them. Seems that there isn't this kind of thing.
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