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Chazzer Farewell Tour in Boso (Aug 15)


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
What: A last Boso fling before chazzer heads back home
Where: Boso (Chiba Peninsula)
Start and End Point: Honda (誉田) Station on the 外房線 (JR Sotobo Line)
When: Aug 15th, rollout 9:30AM sharp, back about 5pm

A last chance, perhaps, to say bye to Charles before he heads home.

Route includes some favorites from previous rides, including a foray into rindos that Charles partly covered on the reverse Chiba trip but which we haven't included in any previous Boso rides (the bit on the map that goes across completely blank space. I have ridden those roads, so I know they exist, but I'm taking a best-guess as to their location on the map :))

Map My Ride says 125km, but probably more than that. ;)

Thinking a more moderate and sociable pace for this than recent Boso runs, but quite up-and-downy so harder than it looks. We still need to keep to a reasonable pace to get back to the station by 5-ish.

Let us know if you're interested!
Would love to attend but unfortunately will be in Yamanashi that weekend with the family :(
Unfortunately, I'll be in Nagano again. :warau:
Would like to get a chance to say goodbye somehow before he leaves...
I should be back the following weekend...
I'll also be in Nagano from the 12th.

Agree very much with what Pete says and should also be back following weekend.


Would love to. but working, alas.
If happen to shift the date, would be 23rd would fit.


Alas, gentlemen, the 15/16 weekend is Charles' last chance to do this, unless you want to ride around the Narita departure lounge with him on the 22nd... :D

Todor > It's been a while! Will be nice to see you on the east side...

James, Pete, Lee, David > Very sorry you guys can't make it. The perils of scheduling a ride during vacation time... :(
Small route change...

Went out on Saturday to scout that mysterious white space on the map, and found a fantastic, traffic-free 20km rindo that connects the coast all the way to the Yoro Gorge area. So, I propose we take that instead of cutting across to the 178.

As an added "bonus," it appears to be the longest of the climbs from the coast (including, for example, Rt 81 or the 24 toll road)... :climb01:

Phil H > Thanks for posting, hope to see you there!
And train info...

The JRエアポート成田・成田空港行 (JR Airport Narita) leaves Yokohama at 7:39, Shinagawa at 8:01, and Kinshicho at 8:18 direct to Chiba, where you can switch to the 8:54 Sotobo Line train to Honda, arr. 9:08. Other option is the JR Keiyo to Soga, then switching to the same Honda-bound train.

If anyone needs it, I can bring the car to the station for stashing bike bags, civvies, etc...just let me know.
Me too!

I'll be there as well - Riding out from eastern Tokyo.
See you all there! T
I will join you:)

It would be very appreciated, if you could bring your car! as no coin locker at Honda station.

See you everyone on Sat:rolleyes:

I would really like to join, but Sergey and I have already made previous arrangements for our tour around Izu. Anyhow, please enjoy the ride everyone! :)
Really look forward to this. I tweaked my back last weekend while looking for Kazahari-rindo (aka cross country biking on 23mm tires - where I ended up on the hiking trail vs rindo). I look pretty funny standing up- my spine is 15% from vertical from the hips - a haunting reminder of teh 15% or so climbes on the "faux rindo". I will make all effforts to get be there with Hans (newly arrived member to Tokyo).

Willl be arriving via train per Phil's suggestion. Plan is Charles, Hans and I to train in - on the FIRST car on Narita express and on Sotobo-sen. Phil - will send you PM with keitai info.

Phil - really been a long time.. Look forward to the rindo's.
Travis, David, Naomi > Great, see you at the station!

Forecast looks good, so we are a definite go.

I'll bring the car for anyone who wants to stow bike bags etc.

See you all tomorrow!
Room for one more ... ? Looks like I may be able to get a single (slow ...) train all the way from west of Tokyo to Chiba, so the frightening thought of an early start is more than made up by the long kip I can get on the train ...
Thanks Phil for organizing a great ride. The route was fanastic. Some of the nicest cycling I've done in a long time.

Great to ride with you Charles. Hope your cycling adventures continue and we meet on the road somewhere in the world again.
Many thanks Phil for planning such that great ride. I really enjoyed nice scenery in Boso and many twisty&quiet descents, especially the path through a wood from the land slide section until Yoro keikoku-ravine. It was first time to ride there, even though I have been to Boso many times. Thanks for discovering that rindo.

I should have eaten more during the ride yesterday:eek:uch:. I kept riding at good speed until around100km:bike:. But just after then,my energy was totally flat even though I did not feel hungry, then immediately I was slow down.... Alan shouted me ''Eat something!:mad:'' actually he was right:D

Chazzer-san>> I hope we can meet & ride sometime in Japan or in the UK.
Take care:)

Thanks everybody! See you next time.

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