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Chasing Legends - great TDF 2009 documentary


Maximum Pace
Dec 25, 2009
Hi guys,
I'm not sure whether this kind of post is allowable in our forum or not.
If it's not please reply on this thread and I'll close as soon as i possible.

Currently I found a great documentary film about HTC columbia team during the TDF 2009.
I'm not the fan of HTC but it is really great and you'll like it too.
Check this torrent file and enjoy~
(you don't need *.smi file which is korean sub file, delete this anyhow)

I knew you would be the one to answer that Pete!!
VLC Media Player

what media player do you use to play this?

As a long time "Torrent" downloader, VLC (from VideoLan) Media Player is well known to play nearly every video format out there.
Also, it's FREE! :D
You can get it here
This is a great documentary, thanks for the link Kimm! I was saving it for a rainy day.

Makes me want to head for the French alps next summer.

I didnt know Mark Renshaw was known as Prince Harry, but its so obvious why!
Sorry Kim, I noticed that a lot of overseas members have just signed up to download this file. I have removed the torrent, as we are not supposed to condone copyright infrigement... :warau:

Thanks for your understanding.
OMG, of course, i understand and I'm so sorry to bother our website...
I'll not post this kind of thread anymore..:eek:uch:
VLC Player is where it is at. You can network video too, which is rad if you have a load of monitors strategically placed around your house like I do (I am a nerd).
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