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Charity Ride -Tokyo to Sapporo (1200KM/10Days)


Dec 10, 2006
This golden week (from 04/25 to 05/06) I am cycling from Tokyo to Sapporo (1200KM/10-12 days). Last year I cycled from Tokyo to Fukuoka (1300 KM/8.5 days) just for fun. This year I want to combine two things I love the most, children and cycling. I want to raise \1200000 for a charity (orphanage) in Tokyo area (Charity TBD). Plan is to get people to sponsor me by donating $ to the charity. I've cycled quite a bit in 12 different countries and raised more than $250G for charities so I have a bit of background of what's involved.

Reaching my financial target probably is a long shot so I am currently communicating with my company to get them to sponsor 6 fund raising events leading to the ride. I am also reaching out my colleagues in other investment banks to explore. If anyone is interested in either joining the ride/fundraising or just wants to lend me a hand with my efforts please let me know. I have presentation if anyone would like to see it.
riding across the Tsugaru strait offers unique challenges. Good luck with the ride.

I am interested in this plan. I may join you just a part of the journey and try to contact CSR persons of my company. Minoru Arai
Thank you and Hello Again

Minoru san:
I will take your offer for riding and please check links below for tentative route and let me know what you think.
If you also check the route that will be much appreciated.

I have a very bad back and weak at climbing (I thought I was going to die when I was climbing from Odawara to Fuji Hakone). I go to any distance to avoid climbing. So whoever knows their way around please check the link and advise?

Overall I've made significant progress this week - timing was just perfect. First of all, I did presentation to CSR folks in my firm and the feedback was very positive and they may sponsor the ride, if not the ride for sure other events I have proposed:

– Ride for a Dream (Key Event)
– Wear a Jean for a Dream
– Buy a Pizza Slice for a Dream
– Feast with Board of Directors for a Dream
– Count Jelly Bean for a Dream
– Ride with a Star for a Dream


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