Charity Donations

Hi all,

I know I have posted a few times about the charity event I am doing and I hope it isn't getting annoying, but this time I am posting to ask for pledges and donations.

Some of you may know the details of the event but for those who don't I will give a small explanation.

The charity I created is called Shining Japan (ジパング輝く). Its mostly made up of students at my university but slowly we are gaining more support from others in Tokyo and the United States. Our goal is to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross Society and to help Touhoku. For our first event we are going to do a charity bike ride from Tokyo to Choshi in Chiba and back. The ride is about 400km and we will be covering about 200km a day.

We are looking for people to pledge donations to our ride for every kilometer that we do. It is also possible to send a set donation. Either way will be much appreciated. If you are not able to do a money donation but still want to help us out, we are looking for volunteers to help us with the event as well as spread the news about are event. For more information or to submit a pledge please send me a message here on the TCC website, reply to this post or visit our site

Thank you for all your help and pray for Touhoku