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Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Champion System Japan Team Presentation and Seminar

On March 29th the Champion System Japan men's and women's teams will hold our team presentation in Tokyo. It will be a great opportunity to meet and greet the team as well as discuss and try on the complete range of men's and women's professional technical clothing range.

A lecture will be given in Japanese and a Q&A session will also be held.

I will post more information as and when I have it.

Date: Saturday, March 29th, 2014
Location http://goblinpark.com/rentalspace.html
Cost fee: 2000 yen
Capacity: 35 people (Limited capacity so need to come early to guarntee place)

9:30 registration
9:45 CS チームプレゼン.
10:00 西薗 lecture about 1.0 H
11:10 ware referrals (to share thoughts about 西薗 season supply items or describes features focusing on, tried it from 西薗)
12:00 seminars end

西薗くんの講習会をChampion Systemが企画して開催します。
3月29日 土曜日
場所 http://goblinpark.com/rentalspace.html
8:45  会場入り 準備
9:30  受付開始
9:45  CSチームプレゼン
10:00 西薗さん講習 約1.0H
11:10 ウェア紹介(西薗さんの今季供給アイテムを中心に特徴を説明したり、西薗さんから使ってみた感想などを伝えてもらう)
11:25 講習会終了
11:30 撤収開始
12:00 撤収終了
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