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Chain Reaction 10% off


Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
I was comparing prices on Wiggle re Chain Reaction Cycles and noticed Chain Reaction are doing 10% off everything (probably in response to Wiggle) until 9am Monday morning CET which is what...5pm here? Unlike the Wiggle offer, it is 10% off the prices as they stand so you might want to check over there before you wiggle. Just a shame they don`t have any Dura-Ace CL24`s in stock.

Disclaimer: I haven`t actually ordered anything from Chain Reaction before.
I order from CRC now and then - the only thing is that they don't offer the 'free shipping' and stuff tends to take longer to reach Japan - perhaps dispatch is slower. Plus packing is atrocious!
I think this post/thread clashed with Kimm`s over on the Wiggle voucher thread so apologies for starting a new one.

Anyway, shall find out about CRC`s packing as couldn`t resist the RS80`s at 45% off - must be knocking trade price - and they also just make the limit for free shipping - over UK 250 pounds. Apparently, they are already dispatched! Besides, I was having trouble justifying the Dura Ace ones...

Thomas: If you want to combine this thread into the Wiggle voucher one, feel free.
Might as well keep them seperated. Also I highly recomened the DuraAce....bloody indistructable wheels... raced mine in Africa on some pretty nasty roads!
CRC packing

Have to agree with some of the other voices on this thread, the Chain Reaction packing methods are unbelievable. Gotta dig around the box to find my parts.... Can't beat the prices, though.:)

Anyone use Takizawa cycle? I know it sounds crazy to order anything domestically. Nonetheless, I've had good service from them for over 10 years.:bike:
I think Takizawa is not so bad and they provide custom wheelset building as well. I liked it.(Tyres price must be cheapest one in Japan)

FYI, "SANA bicycle" sells good price for SHIMANO/Campy. BORA ONE for 138,000YEN, WH-7900-C35 TU for 153,000...
I really wanted to press "Purchase" button and of course, thay'll be treated "domestic purchase tag".

But, i heard their after service is not so good.... :confused:
My Dura Ace wheels came from CRC and the packaging was the standard Shimano box. It arrived in very good condition.
I would have preferred to go through wiggle as have yet to hear a bad report about them, and had no problems when I used them in the UK, whereas chain reaction does have some floating around. However, the price differential was just too great.

They might have improved recently as they came top of the online bike shops in a recent survey of online retailers. My memory didn`t serve me well, so had to search it out and was by readers of `Which` magazine, an independent UK consumer interest magazine. Chain reaction was 2nd out of all the companies listed, Wiggle joint 3rd, out of 78 sites rated.

The offer is back on this weekend:- 5% off over UK 50, 10% off over UK 100. Finishes Tuesday 5pm Japan time.

No RS80`s in stock so must have cleared them out last week!
The last time I ordered a wheelset from there they DO have the free shipping when you paid for 250 pound or more to Japan.

The good thing compare with Wiggle is that even trainer is OK for free shipping. I do not know if this policy changed or not.

And their package is..... really wonderful. It just like a boom. :D
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