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Tech Cervelo (SLC-SL) Budget Build Redux


Maximum Pace
Nov 30, 2013
A few weeks ago Conrad posted his ongoing, now completed, build of his beautiful red Cervelo Soloist. While he was building his, I was gathering parts for my SLC (purchased from Danny right here on this forum)--very similar frame. Mine was essentially a budget build based on what I had on hand, what was left in my parts drawers, though I had to get a new set of levers as the ones I had planned to use had faulty mechanics on the right shifter. I have never wired an internal system before, and was surprised at how primitive it was (stick the cable in one side, and hope it will come out through the hole on the other, with no guides internally)--first time through I had a difficult time, but as I had to go through the levers at least three times in order to determine one was bad (and not just my installation), by the third time I had it down. For some reason, if you do the right shifter first, right side, the cables go through smoothly, and the left easily follows suit--but not the reverse. Whatever. As shown, there are one or two extra links in the chain that need to be removed, but as is, works great.

I live on a "cat 1" hill/mountain, so the last two kilometers up are always the major test--and it passed with flying colors--in fact, best climber I have ever ridden (as well as best "descender," due to the aerodynamics). As for flat roads, it is always racing, but smooth, and not nearly as stiff/uncomfortable as I anticipated (preparing for this, I did put on 25c Gatorskins as I am a bit on the older side, and only build these bikes for friendly rides, not aggressive racing). With that said, the geometry is pure racing geometry, forcing me a bit more into a crouch position than I like these days, so likely it will go on the block sooner or later. For now, have to admit it is great fun, and a welcome relief on the final climb after the daily ride. As are all my bikes--mid-level Campy mechs with compact crankset, Campy Eurus wheelset, integrated carbon bars, and a Brooks B17 saddle.

cer a.JPG
cer b.JPG
cer c.JPG
cer d.JPG


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
It does seem a little strange to have a brooks saddle on a modern racing bike, but I kinda like it.


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
Looks great!

(leicaman--this group looked "normal" until I noticed the bike on the left)

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