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Sold! Centurion Crossline Road/touring/commuting bike


Speeding Up
Aug 31, 2013
IMG_0397.JPG IMG_0398.JPG IMG_0399.JPG

Price: 40,000 Yen

This bike was bought second hand 18 months ago from サイクリー second hand bike shop so I'm not sure of it's true age.

It's a medium frame. The top tube is 53 cm from centre to centre. The seat tube is 44.5 cm from centre to the top.

Since I bought it the front wheel has been replaced, the back wheel re-spoked, new brake levers installed, new friction shifters and brake/gear cables fitted. These were all bought from my local bike store in Futako-Tamagawa so none of the parts are anything other than basic generic brands.

The seat has a bit of damaged at the back from when the bike was blown over on a windy day.

The frame had numerous scuff marks but no major scratches.

The bike comes complete with the pictured front and back racks, a decent foot pump and front and rear lights and some new bar tape which I haven't installed yet.

The tyres are Schwalbe Marathon Plus and still have thousands of km left in them.

The bike has a kick stand, which it was designed for.

The saddle bag is included and contains a new tube and repair kit.

There is also a handlebar bag included, but not pictured.

I will also include some maintenance tools if you want them (pliers, wire cutters etc.)
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