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Carbon Wheels, help needed!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Ok I recently bought a Pinarello FP3 to train on and hopefully race either this year or next depending on my fitness. One thing I have found though is the M.O.st CHALL wheel set seems to be very lacking in comparison to the rest of the bike.

So I'm looking for an all round wheel, for training and racing on I've looked at the Spinnergy Stealth PBO and also the SRAM S60's. I was wondering if anyone has any experience on either wheels or can recommend another set that I may have overlooked. I'm riding 700c on Shimano.

I can get a set of the Spinnergy Stealth PBO's for about $770USD and the SRAM S60's for around $900 USD which includes shipping to Japan. so around $900USD is my budget.

any advice is welcome.
Have you looked at HED wheels? I know each person on here will have their preference. I don't use carbon as I can't see shelling out the cash just to save a few grams and some added aerodynamics. When you weigh as much as I do cutting a few grams here and there and trying to get a more aerodynamic ride is pointless. Maybe if I lost about 10-15 Kg then I would consider Carbon. I continue to rely on the Mavic Pro wheelset which has been awesome and requires very little maintenance. But I would check out HED, there are some other brands out there that have received decent reviews.

Thanks for that. Any other suggestions? Like I said I'm open to other wheels as well either clincher or tubes, budget is 90,000 JPY.

Also some other forums have suggested going used, is this wise with any type of wheel? I know Japan is normally pretty amazing when it comes to the quality and condition of used gear.
Neuvation is such a great wheel at such a great price.
I recommend them highly. You can save so much on their racing set you could get one of their heavy duty clincher sets to train on and still be under your budget.
nynihonjin - Thank you!!! I completely forgot about the Dura Ace range!

Keep it coming people!
Well having read alot of reports on the SRAM S60's and they are all coming back very positive I decided to go with them due to price range and weight.

Thanks all for the input.
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