Sold! Carbon wheel set - GS Astuto/Dura Ace


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
Carbon clinchers hand built by Tim of GS Astuto last July and ridden for the summer of last year and spring of this year, so they have about 900km on them in dry conditions.
I am including a set of never used Black Prince brake pads; the wheels are in great condition with no issues, the hubs are buttery smooth, and the overall ride is smooth and responsive. The front rim has 3 surface scratches from small rocks on the road jumping up and touching the rim, but there is no effect to the integrity of the wheel, and if you wish then you can remove them by using a Scotchbrite pad and rubbing lightly.
If you have never had deep section carbon wheels before or even if you have then you'll love the exceptional ride of these. They climb well, seem to have a little motor that feels like its pulling you along at speeds over 39km, and the braking is good and consistent with the right brake pads (the ones included only) and the special braking surface that adds friction. The only reason for selling them is that I want to try something new.
Hubs: Dura ace 7900 10-Speed.
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
Rims: Carbon clincher, 38mm front and 52mm rear
Tires: Vittiora Rubino Pro, all black. (200km of use)
Brake pads: Swiss Stop Pro Black Prince - never used.
Price: 55,000yen