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Carbon fibre train stool


Speeding Up
Sep 8, 2008
Here's one for the books. Attached is a photo I took on the train last weekend - unfortunately my surreptitious camera work leaves much to be desired... but you can sort of see Mr Toad has plonked himself down on top of my bike (in blue bike bag, tied to the rail at the end). He has found that the handlebars (without front wheel - bars are turned sideways and one shifter lever is between his legs) makes a perfect height stool and his hand is resting comfortably on the saddle like an armrest.
At first I was shocked, but then impressed with his ingenuity. :cool:
He would get some bother from me if he tried that with my bike.

Please tell me you got him to f--k off...
Subject to Perspective

Sure you weren't photographing the young woman with the book?:eek:
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