Carbon Clydesdales! Sneak Release


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
We did a short, advance production run of 50mm Clincher , 32hole rim blanks. I've had several people ask me about these, and based on some prototype versions, I decided to go ahead and make a few.

Rim weight itself is same as our other standard rim (not SL) of about 400gr. Which is still very light for a 50mm rim. ( I just weighed it at 438gr)

It's centerline drilled with DS polarity - so you can use the same rim for either front or back - but nipple bed is reinforced and designed on the DS to accept higher torque. The first set is for external nipples - considering most people will be using these under harsh conditions, external is just easier to service.

Why 32hole? Well, there are alot of riders - especially in the TCC, who are over 75kg , and ride long and hard under many conditions. Quite frankly, 24h , 20h (and less) is great for lightweight riders or event conditions - but, for larger rider and / or more severe use, they start to become a problem.

Anyway - I'm announcing them here first. And, as always, TCC'ers get a very special discount.

Recommended builds:

1) 'The MIke Watt' - Ultegra 'Jam Econo' hubs, Sapim Race spokes, Polyax nipples.

2) The 'Fred Flames' - Dura Ace hubs, Pillar Fat Boys, Polyax nipples.

3) The 'Wesley' - Alchemy Hubs, Sapim CX, Polyax nipples.

For CX use -- these would be awesome with DASH Monica, Sapim CX-Ray (rear) and Pillar Ti (front).

Of course - I can also build them with Dynamo front hub. This would result in pretty much the ultimate Audax / Randonneur wheel. Combined with discbrake - and wow - still very light!

By using more spokes - I can reduce overall spoke tension AND increase reliability. Combined with a stiff, yet good vibration absorbtion of carbon, the result is a very smooth and responsive ride. 50mm aerodynamics are so much better than narrow rim that it's hard not to notice the difference under any wind condition. If you are a strong(er) rider and regularly push into the 35kph+ range, then you'll know exactly what I mean. For endurance riding, being able to shave a few watts off your average effort is the difference between recovering to ride tomorrow and a death spiral to bonkville.

Construction: Torayca T-700 /T-1000 High modulus fiber w/ Toray resins. Aramid reinforcement.
Finish: 3K 'Matte'
Drilling: 32hole - Driveside Polarity
Weight: 425gr Nominal
Tire Fitting: Clincher , tube-type.


Speeding Up
Nov 4, 2011
Hi Tim,

I might want to pick up a set for a fixed commuter build I'm going to have coming up. Going to cut down on my train bills by commuting by bike only.
Let me know,


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
To answer some of your q's:

1) Rims only - yes, I will do that.

2) Spokes - I have them , or can special order too - at much better price than ANY Japanese dealer or distributor. (Sapim, Pillar, CN)

3) The cross section is a tad over 18mm - I've been running 32 - 34 CX tires with no issues, but these are meant more for 23 - 28's.


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Bump, am in the market for some rims, how are these coming along Tim?
Oh and can you get Fixie disc hubs? I like having brakes on both ends of the bike.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I have quite a few choices - many in stock:

32H x 38mm Clincher / Tubular 19-20mm width
32H x 50mm Clincher 19-20mm width

We are also getting in some CX specific wheelsets:

45mm Tubular and Clincher , 24mm width.
130mm spacing - discbrake
130mm spacing - rim brake

Have some great hubs as well:
CX (130mm) Discbrake - front and rear - very light.

We are now an official distributor for PILLAR. This means we can provide the full range of PILLAR spokes to any customer (B2C or B2B) including their SS line and Ti lineup.

TCC Members get a significant discount on all readymade or custom wheels.

I have some prototype and demo wheels available as well. Pete rode the 38's you can ask him about them. We've got good feedback (and podiums) for all the wheels.

Since there are ALOT of rim / spoke / hub variations, prices vary from mild to wild. We are also working with some pretty exotic parts, too, so if you want a truly 1-off, no one else has this kinda wheel, we can do it. Sub 1000gr/set or JAXA tested.

My 'go to' wheels for 2012 will definitely be:

1) 45mm CX'ers - for DB and RB. Tubular primarily. Friends don't let friends ride clinchers in races!

2) 24mm Lightweight - Hill Monkey wheels based on the Hubsmith Hubs and Sapim spokes. A great set of wheels at under 100,000 yen and about 900gr or so (without tires)

3) 38mm Peleton Elites - The 'go to ' for most riding. Straightpull , no-tools hubs, Sapim CX-Ray , Tubular, Basalt braking surface. Again under 100,000 yen and about 1000gr (no tires).

4) 50 /60mm Clincher Elites - This has been very popular for those who want to throw some serious carbon on the road. Also about 100,000 yen (TCC'ers) and about 1400 gr.

5) 38mm and 50mm HD wheels. Based on more robust rim w/32h. Also good for making front Dynamo wheels.

6) Last but not least - we got ahold of some very nice alloys. Superlight and inexpensive. My plan here is to make a modern version of the 'SLUDI' which I love. 19mm rim, HubSmith Hubs and PIllar SS spokes. This should rock in at about 1000gr and cost will be under 30,000 yen! Tubular ONLY!