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Canyon Japan launch Nov 24


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
I just got my second Canyon frame recently (see report here), so I got a marketing email from them announcing their opening of Japan customer service/technical support. Apparently Joaquim Rodriguez of Katusha, will be at the launch event on Nov 24 in Daikanyama with the 2015 models on display. ... I thought I should mention in case it is of interest.



Speeding Up
Sep 21, 2014
Seems an opportune time for me to make my first post, have just spent the day setting up the Canyon I took delivery of yesterday evening. I went for the Endurace model which is more of a sportive frame than the SLX or SL. I think it is also the only model that still comes with 34/50 chainset, the other models now come with 36/52. I think there has been a post by @leicaman https://tokyocycle.com/bbs/threads/the-canyon-has-landed-my-experience-of-buying-a-bike-online.5294/ on the ordering and delivery process, not much more I can add to that, other than my bike which was in stock when I ordered took five weeks to arrive and I paid 8% tax on 66% or so of the total cost. Prices are edging up a bit because of the weak yen but I think these bikes are great value and the event which is in Daikanyama would be a great opportunity to view the bikes rather than having to order blind from Germany.
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