Canyon Japan launch Nov 24


Speeding Up
Sep 21, 2014
Seems an opportune time for me to make my first post, have just spent the day setting up the Canyon I took delivery of yesterday evening. I went for the Endurace model which is more of a sportive frame than the SLX or SL. I think it is also the only model that still comes with 34/50 chainset, the other models now come with 36/52. I think there has been a post by @leicaman on the ordering and delivery process, not much more I can add to that, other than my bike which was in stock when I ordered took five weeks to arrive and I paid 8% tax on 66% or so of the total cost. Prices are edging up a bit because of the weak yen but I think these bikes are great value and the event which is in Daikanyama would be a great opportunity to view the bikes rather than having to order blind from Germany.