For Sale Cannondale Slate - Size M


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Miura, Japan
One of my best friends back home is selling his 1 year old bike.
It is listed in USD because it is in the US. I can have it shipped here at the buyers expense if interested.

This th the Cannondale page for it...
Scroll to the bottom for geometry.

Anyhow - I will vouch for the seller completely and I can have it shipped to me in Zushi.
Just passing along a steal IMO on a bike that has very limited use.

For those wondering, he has replaced it with a Salsa Fargo for bike backing.
Also - in case you are curious, he has more bikes than me....

HIs ad below
Super low miles. Medium Force 1. In Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Original price $3999.99. Priced to move. $2000. Two sets of extra tires. Decided to go in a different direction. In perfect shape