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Cannondale Dealer Recommendations


Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
Hi, I`m up in Yokohama/Tokyo over the weekend and hoping to pick up one of the few remaining Caad 9`s and wondered which Cannondale dealers you would recommend trying. Searching the forum I`ve heard good words for SeoCycle in Omiya (Yuuta) and BikeIt. Are there any others worth considering? Many thanks.

By the way, for anyone interested, checking the BikeIt website revealed there is a test weekend for the new Caad 10, Supersix and BadBoy this weekend in Shinjuku (assuming my Japanese, ok Google translate, was correct)
Bikeit is owned by good relation to TCC member. If you want a direct hook up then please PM me - they are very good friends of mine :)
Sorry. As I only got one comment (thanks Tim and Andrew for your attempts to help) I didn`t realise anyone was interested in my exploits. Anyway, decided that I clearly preferred the Caad 10 and that eventually a 48 was the best bet as the 50 seems to have a long reach for its size - was too stretched out on the hoods to ride comfortably in that position - and it offered a better saddle/handlebar drop when riding with forearms resting on the handlebars (don`t try this at home!).

SeoCycle (Omiya) had a 48 Caad 9 frame in stock so am working with Yuuta (thanks Owen for the recommendation) to build it up. Would do it myself given UK prices being so much cheaper than Japanese ones, but have no tools here and Yuuta has been very helpful so will do it that way.
Oops, just read what I posted and mean I clearly preferred the Caad 9 not Caad 10!
Good work and thanks for the update. If you don't mind sharing, how much did the frame alone set you back?
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