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Cancellara's saddle position


Sep 2, 2009
Anyone else noticed how far Cancellara perches himself on the saddle?

Seems very far forward.

I only noticed, because I absolutely love watching him ride. Superb rider!
Lots of riders do this especailly in the TT's or Climbing, Riders will also do this to to move the strain on the muscles to a different location.

If you look at him stage racing he is much futher back.

Coming from an MTB / BMX background, I am not used to so much calculated discipline.

Will have a look out for the other riding positions in use, and try to learn from them.
Yeah, you see this a lot when the riders are going hard in breakaways...such as, say, a 45 km solo breakaway in P-R...:) The exertion pulls you forward onto the nose.

Lots of road racers have a big setback on the saddles because, as James says, in long stage races and the like they spend a lot of time sitting fairly upright in the peloton and not putting out a lot of power. In that case, it's more comfy to sit further back for most.
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