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Can you fold your helmet?

I'd hope they'd've been designed not to, but one question would be whether there was any chance that the "blades" could cut into the scalp/forehead?
Foldable? Who cares? I'd wear it for the great looks!

Less is, well, less...

Those with little to protect generally choose little protection...:confused:

It might do in a pinch...

Comes with its own Christmas cracker?

What happens when it rains?:rain:

Does it come in other patterns and colors?
Taking of Christmas Crackers, it does actually look like a Christmas decoration!

But I think I would be more comfortable with a piece of Styrofoam, polycarbonate resin and carbon stuck on my noggin. Kind of ironic as the only thing between my skin and the tarmac is a thin piece of Lycra, who am i kidding!
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