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can I ride with you in Tokyo?


Aug 5, 2007
Hi I'm Will from US - visiting Tokyo till Aug 8. Is there some way I could rent or borrow a road bike and ride with a club or someone Monday or Tuesday? Sorry, I do not speak Japanese. Would very much like to take a break from tourist visits and have a ride with you.
Please reply to my post so I can join your group. Thank you.:cool::bike:

Hey Will,
Thanks for posting your desire to ride, but that really is "too short a notice" for most people.
In Japan, the timetable is KING, so you need to give at least two weeks notice for most rides so that everyone can wiggle their schedules around.
If you're going to be back in Japan in the near future, please let everyone know in advance. Then we might be able to arrange something.
Have fun in Japan!
Thanks for the info Travis

Thanks for replying to my post. I know it was really short notice - sorry - I just thought I'd give it a try. I'll know about your club and try earlier next time.
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