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Can I join a ride?


Sep 21, 2010
I stay in Tokyo on and off and normally bring my bike. So far I have only crooked the loop around the palace but I'm very keen to join in if there are any riders who want company somewhere else.
I'm located just next to the palace loop but I'm OK with a little warm up to meet others.

If anybody open for company please let me know. Thank you.



Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Any ride posted is generally open to whoever wants to come. That said there are usually speeds and level requirements posted. If you feel you want to join just show up at the meeting place or if you are uncertain pm the OP and get more details.


Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
Yeah exactly what he said^

Also, check any threads with the Ride / Training Rides / Pizza Ride tab (anything in the Rides section, basically) for upcoming rides you can go on.

(I moved your thread from the Rides section to General Discussion, as it was not actually posting a fixed ride itself, and more of an inquiry. Cheers)


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
@ittaikan We often do mellow rides out to the Saitama mountains every Saturday. If you've been riding for a while, you should easily be able to keep up. We'll most probably be doing another one this coming Saturday. We usually meet at the spaceship.


Jul 12, 2015
@leicaman id be keen to jump on the Saitama Mountain rides if my roster works out for me to have a Saturday off..I am in Tokyo,Minato-ku for the month of September with work. I am Bringing the Time Trial over with me,I wont be thrashing it too hard and be happy to get some climbing in with a bit of distance .Just wanting to roll the legs over .. If not hopefully get one of the TCC members to escort me with persuasion of beers or food on my RDO . .Hope fully i can get one of these Bike covers for the TT to take on the train to meet up :)
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