Camp Zama Group Rides


Sep 9, 2012
Camp Zama
Beginning the first weekend in January, I will be hosting free Bicycling Group Rides from Camp Zama. Group riding is a great way to socialize and improve your fitness and bike handling skills. There will be two different rides planned for every weekend and they are as follows:

Saturday, 0730. Beginner's Ride. C Pace.
20 to 30km routes.
20 to 25kph average speed.
Mostly along the Sagami River and adjacent farms just west of Camp Zama. Low to no automobile traffic for most of the ride.
Before and during the ride, I will discuss how to ride safely in a pace line, communicating with other riders while on the move, and etiquette for other riders, pedestrians, and automobiles.
Any manner of bicycle/bicyclist is welcome! Helmets are required.

Sunday, 0730. B pace Ride
40 to 60km routes
30 to 35 kph average speed.
Routes will include some of the nice climbs from Category 4 to Category 2 in Aikawa and Lake Miyagase, located in the mountain range west of Camp Zama.
Light to moderate automobile traffic is expected during the first 15 and last 15 minutes of the ride. Otherwise, low to no traffic.
Road or Hybrid Bicycles are highly recommended for these rides. Helmets are required.

All rides will begin and end at the Camp Zama PX, with coffee afterwards at the Foodcourt Starbucks

Must have a DOD ID card to get onto base without an escort. For those who don't have a DOD ID card, please meet us on the way out the gate for the rides, if you'd like.

Private message me if you are interested!


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
I think this is a very accessible and comprehensive notice.

Owen - I expect the route maps are a Dept. of Defense secret. Please see Wikileaks.

Genuine question, Bugleboy21 - on the base do you drive/cycle on the right side of the road, or the left?
Mike: bases use the same side of the road as the rest of the country. I tried googling wikileaks but heard a drone overhead so closed my browser.


Jun 4, 2012
Sagamihara City
I'm very interested in these as I live near Camp Zama...
Would like to see the routes for these if are available?

Can you also do the B pace rides on Sat mornings?
I have more time on Saturdays than on Sundays...


Sep 9, 2012
Camp Zama
Hey, everyone.

I'll get possible routes up over the next week. I'm out riding them and checking for construction, bad roads, detours, etc. They will be on Garmin Connect. To see where I've been riding, though, head over to Strava and look me up.

Not sure yet if Saturday and Sunday will flip-flop. I'm tallying the interest for the C and B rides. My hope is that by the end of Spring, these will turn into B and A rides. :bike: Zoom!