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Review Camelback Podium review


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
Now then, next review should be of the Camelback Podium . The best bottle I've ever had in 30yrs!

I bought one of these off Tim on Friday, the day before my 200 km brevet because the valve of one of my other two bottles had broken. 13 hours on the bike and 4-5 litres of water later it gets two thumbs up from me. The Camelback Podium is a great bottle:

1) The jet valve is so easy to use. My other bottles had a valve I have to pull up to open, which is quite distracting. Afterwards I had to push it down again or it would leak. Not so with this Camelbak. It has a leak-proof lockout position, but even with it open it wouldn't leak, even with the bottle lying near horizontal on my top tube bottle holder (Bike Friday). So basically, no locking/unlocking needed at all for me at all while on the bike!

2) It slides out and back into my bottle holder much more easily than either bottle I had, even the one that came with the bike (Bike Fridays come with a bottle).

I may end up getting another one of these to replace my other bottle that is still working but is smaller and less convenient than the Camelback Podium.
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