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Calling all Aobadai/Tokyo riders


Apr 26, 2010
Hi, my name is Paul! I'm new in the area on a study abroad exchange program and looking for a few riders to take me out and show me the roads in tokyo! I left my university race team in the middle of the season and would like to find some steady riders to join up with. Please feel free to get a hold of me! よろしく!
Alright Paul.

If you are willing to have a slow ride with a newbie, hit me up!

I have been here in Japan for a number of years, and know a fair few decent spots, but have only been riding road for a while.

Could be good though. Hit me up :D
hey! thanks for the response. my friend and i are planning on going out sunday at 8 for a short ride. You should join! Other than that how do we exchange information on this thing? my email is or my cell email is Hit me up and i'll send you my cell! Looking forward to it!.

Happy Holidays!
cervelove....edited out your e-mail address to keep your sanity as spam bots will pick these up and then mail bomb you.

Best to send them via PM!!!
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