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Calfman 2010/Minamikanto-stage(Feb.7th)


Maximum Pace
Dec 25, 2009
It's duathlon race which is very famous for triathlete in Japan.
the opening place is 'Showa kinen park'. the closest station is 'Nishitachikawa'.
For the details, see the below link.
・Showa kinen park : http://www.showakinenpark.go.jp/english/index.htm
・Calfman Japan(duathlon) : http://www.calfman.jp/index.html

You're going to
Run 5km
Bike 40km -> Bike 30km (Thanks keren )
Run 5km.

There's some class separated between the your age and level(If you're elite).
1. Elite : male
2. Elite : female
3. Age : male
4. Age : female
5. Beginner
6. Junior(Middle school)
7. Kid

■Schedule of the race-day.(7th of Feb, Sunday)
08:30 - 09:30 : reception
10:00 : opening ceremony
10:20 ~ : 5.6. start
10:25 ~ : 7. start
10:45 ~ : 3.4 start
11:25 ~ : beginner, junior, kid awarding ceremony
13:00 ~ : 1.2. start(This's elite race!)
15:00 ~ : awarding ceremony, closing session, kujibiki(!!! yeah!)

The entry fee is 8,000YEN.
You can entry this race by internet access. see the below link.
But, it's all written by japanese, if you're not fluent of japanese,
find your japanese friend :)
Just be careful the internet entry's dead line is 1th of Feb.

■Last year's result
See the below link.

There're many good athlete in this race, especially university student,
You're going to beat them and you'll prove you're still young and powerful! :D

kimm is going to race this event. anybody is welcome to join with me.
please, leave the reply below and we'll discuss about the details toward this race.

Minamikanto Calfman in Showa Kinen Koen

Hi Kimm,

Thanks for posting this. I did this race this year and plan to do it again in February with a few training partners. It is very well organized race over a good course. The bike course is the same as the one used for the recent Tokyo Enduro. And you are correct, there will be some very strong competition on the day.

But you have the distances wrong, for this race it is 5km/30km/5km.

There are a couple of triathletes on this forum and some like Philip and myself do the long stuff like IM Japan and Strongman Japan. There is a strong rumor going around that it will be the last IMJ in 2010. But there is a talk of a new 70.3 race in Aichi or maybe up in Hokkaido in the summer. I like the 70.3 distance and hope to do these races if they do happen.

If you are looking for more information about triathlon training in Tokyo you might be interested in these links:



And I recommend Namban Rengo for running, there is a large group of triathletes in the club:


Swimming: http://www.swimfriends.org/japan/yoyogi_adults.php

Hope this helps.

Hi keren,

Thanks for the modification of the calfman's bike distance & information about the traithlon in Japan. It is really great help to me.
I'll directly search the link what you taught below, and probably hope to participate the training.
And YES, my goal is finishing the long stuff like you and Philip! :rolleyes:

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