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Cables for Sram Red


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
After doing quite a bit of research online I'm still unsure which cables I should get for my new drivetrain. The stock issue with Sram Red seems to be made by Gore, but a Yokozuna Reaction Cable & Casing Set seems like a better option. Some interesting posts here:


Does anyone have experience with these cables on Sram Red? I read one mechanic likes to use the Yokozuna cables with Gore housing.....all this research is starting to give me a headache....:mad:
I use DuraAce cables with Jagwire housing..... no issues smoth shifting.

To be honest you won't see any real difference on compressionless housing on a standard roadbike and for all the bells and whistles of all the different brands with techno coatings or this that or the other you can't really go wrong with the cables and housing for your specific brand.
I just use the standard Gore cables that came with the SRAM Red parts. No problems and they move quite nicely.

Despite my best efforts and fitting it all myself, I ended up taking it to the LBS. The mechanic there appreciated the new experience.

The SRAM Red groupset and carbon frame must be making for a pretty light bike. Do you have an idea of weight yet Mike?

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll just go with the gore cables then:thumb:

Lee, I'm making an effort to buy all the lightest, but good quality components I can find. The frame isn't the lightest out there at 1050g, but I'll take that coz of it's sexy curves. The trouble is I don't have any electronic scales, but it seems to be just shy of 2kg with forks and seat post. Seems quite heavy for a carbon fibre bike, no?

Here's what I've calculated so far:

Frame/Forks/Seatpost/headset 2100g?
Fulrcrum Torq RS Cranks 699g
Sram Red F Derailleur 58g
Sram Red R Derailleur 153g
Sram Rival Brakes 287g
Sram Red Levers 280g
Sram Red cassette 210g
Sram Red Chain 255g
MOST Tiger1k Stem 100g
saddle 150g
peddles 150g
Jet 50 wheels R/F 1680g (not the lightest, but I love em)

Total so far : 6222g.

plus cables/housing/ 300g? bottle cages/tyres.....how much more weight should I add? Anything missing here? Any suggestions?
Will be light but might be a bit difficult to steer with no handlebars :cool:

Frame/fork/headset/seatpost weight looks about right. Companies often quote weights for the frame only with no paint/derailleur hanger/bottle cage bolts to persuade the gullible to buy them.
Ahhhh, no handlebars........ Thanks Alan! That would've been interesting. So adding 180g that comes to 6402g plus cables/bottle cages.....oh and 68kg of Philip's raw toge crushing muscle......:confused: Hope to see you soon in the hills doing exactly that my friend.
And helium, you could be onto something there Kiwisimon:thumb:
As you are going for the MOST Tiger 1k stem have you thought of losing that and going for the TALON intergrated stem and bar.... you loose more weight and end up with a very nice set of aerobars


They also come "Me" approved. :D
That's a beautiful set of bars but according to the MOST 2010 catalogue they weigh 415g, not that light for the price. Damn they look sweet though.


Here she is anyway, in all her glory sitting on the sofa watching TV next to me at nights:D



As for the Bars, most of the Pro teams are using them this year on the Dogma's ...also please do not post links to Pinarello, Opera or Most product lists as my wife gets very upset!

To add to your shopping list:




It's such a shame SRAM don't do Blue wheel decals otherwise we could have a matching pair!

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