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Dec 4, 2008
I think I overshifted, going down from 3-1 approaching the lights. I have the Shimano Gripshift rotary shifters, not sure what Shimano call them. Now the shifter goes past 1.

Can't get the biggest ring in the back at all. Is it a cable issue or a derailleur fix?

ie, where's the issue - barrel adjuster in the derailleur or massive cable stretch or something dislodged inside the shifter on the bar?
I'm guessing your cable has slipped. Especially if you pulled on it hard. Or it has stretched a bit over time.

Could, as you say, be the derailleur.

Or aliens! :abduct:

Wouldn't hurt or cost much to replace the cables and have the derailleur adjusted as well. Bit of oil, nudge nudge wink wink... and Bob's your Uncle.
Could be that the cable anchor has come out and has latched on to another point in the internals of the shifter thus reducing the length of the cable.

You will need to disassemble the unit to see if this is the case, I know this was a regular problem on older generation shifters and the original grip shifters.
In many cases problems tend to be solved by adjusting the hight and angle of front derailleur. :)
My case of troubles happened as soon as bike collided to something.

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