Sold! CAAD10 DURA-ACE VERSION for 150,000 yen

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Maximum Pace
Have decided to let my CAAD 10 go so I can get something flashier and in real steel :
* Size 52 (for reference, I'm 170cm and my younger brother measuring 173cm in height was riding it this summer and very happy with the perfect fit for him - see pics or Hans in KOM-conquering action this summer)
* Main compo: DURA ACE 9000 Compact (170) crank.
* Easton E70 seatpost (carbon)
* Deda Zero 100 handlebar
* Ultegra wheels (Panaracer Race D tires)
* Prologo Scratch Pro TR saddle
* complementary Look pedals
* Assembled by Nishitani-san (OVEST) in 2012.
* All wires and chain and bar tape renewed as recent as June 2014.
* Scratch-free like-new condition
* Derailleur tuned to perfection
* Plenty of pics here:
* Asking price: 15-man (150,000 yen)
* Cash-on-delivery in Fuchu area only - sorry for this inconvenience 936684_671853532904845_7136303151396907082_n.jpg 10649887_671853529571512_507243765879678661_n.jpg 10592726_671853536238178_2252866331799795317_n.jpg


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Maximum Pace
OK. Some honest folks more familiar with the market than myself have strongly advised me to revise upwardly. 15-man (150,000 yen is my final asking price). I'm being told this is still way undervalued.それでも十分お安いです!What counts most to me is that the next owner will ride it with passion and take as good care of it as I did. I prefer not to sell to someone who will never ride it but take it apart and sell parts and pieces for a quick profit.
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Sep 28, 2011
Still too cheap you should make it even more!
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Maximum Pace
Jun 13, 2013
TCC auction? [emoji33]
I got the first bid.
+ i am 170cm. 70kg.
Currently using 52tt. Wanting a 170 compact chain set. Currently own da7900 group set and wish list is da9000 for upgrade.
Will definitely not sell this but perhaps the one that i have now. If you decided to let it go with my offer dont hesitate.
By the way im serious.


Maximum Pace
Dec 25, 2009
tokyo, arakawaku
I gave it up due to crank/stem/handlebar is not matching me. I'll let other guys go for this and this is really great deal,
you should know how much you could benefit from this selling.
@TOM, I'm proud of your best offer on TCC members. :) good luck!

By the way, here's more information about this bike. Thanks, Tom.
- Crankset : 170mm(50-34; compact crankset)
- Handlebar : 420mm
- Frame year : 2013(*Tom think this is 2012 but this is 2013 model I believe)

please don't try to discount anymore from this price. Tom's is very generous on this selling.
If Tom sell this on Yahoo auction, he can easily get 20man something I believe.(you know Full DA9000 compo is how much!)


Maximum Pace
Cheers Kimm - I'm moved to tears :cry:.
Well yes, I'd much rather be generous to a dedicated TCC cyclist than trying to sell at the highest auction price to some stranger with little passion for cycling.
About the frame year, I got the bike brand-new in November 2012 so I just assumed it is a 2012 model but you could be correct about it being in the 2013 catalogue.
For those interested, the following blog entry has my first impressions following the maiden ride made in November 2012:
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Sep 2, 2014
Hi, I'm new to TCC (and actually just registered to ask about bike shipping options to Japan), but am looking for something to replace my bike that was stolen a couple of weeks back and this looks perfect! If its still available, 15man seems more than fair.
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