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Buying Mavic Shoes online


Speeding Up
Dec 4, 2008
there seems to be a bit of market protectionism going on at least with Mavic. one well-known UK-based online retailer has told me that they are not allowed to ship Mavic shoes out of the EU. I suspect this is to protect the various non-EU distributors' margins, in respect of the fairly cataclysmic currency weightings.

they want 66 british pounds and supposedly free shipping, for a pair of shoes that don't even seem to be imported here in size 11, which even if they were, would cost me at least double that.

is this just a UK distributor issue, or is every distributor outside Japan at it?


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
It's Mavic all over the world mate - however you might want to take a look at Sagami Cycles as the last time I was there they had a massive deal on Mavic shoes and they had my size 30cm.


Sep 2, 2009
Yeah, there certainly is market protectionism, when it comes to Mavic.

I can't speak for all of the retailers, but most of them will have their hands tied.

There are ways to get Mavic into the country, but it mainly involves witchcraft.

Best of luck!
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