For Sale Buy Powertap and Receive Free Truspin Service

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Astuto Continental is now selling Powertap wheelsets and Powertap accessories. Right now if you purchase your Enve Powertap wheelset through Astuto Continental with a set of tires, you will receive our Truspin service package free of charge. Powertap is one of the most useful ways to track your progress in training as well as pace yourself during races. Don't let this limited time offer slip past you!
The Powertap Enve Smart system 3.4 is normally 350,000 yen/Wheel set but Powertap is currently taking 20,000 yen off so current price is 330,000 yen/ Wheel set. Both Clinchers and Tubulars are available, however I have only Tubular in stock at the moment. TCC members receive 10% off on tires. If wheels and tires are purchased together, you receive our Truspin service free of charge (30,000 yen value).