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For Sale But Wait, there's more! Wheels for sale!


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
4 single wheels for sale, to help me fit the bicycle collection into a smaller place. As these are used items, you really should stop by and see them -- I prefer a buyer who checks them out and will take them away, as opposed to shipping them to someone sight unseen. I live in the Kaminoge / Futako Tamagawa area.

1. Front wheel. Dynamo lighting for your long rides. A shutter precision PV-8 dynamo hub (I love these and use several), plus 3X Sapim CX Ray spokes -- the best available for light, strong and aero spokes -- and a Velocity A23 32-spoke rim. Relatively low mileage on this (compared with other similar ones I have that have gone 20~25k kms), as it was on a bike that was not getting used much. What's not to love?
Asking 15,000 yen -- less than the retail cost of the hub alone.
IMG_0310.jpg IMG_0307.jpg IMG_0309.jpg

2. Shimano 7700 Dura Ace front wheel. Old but good. A beautiful design and color. Shimano's paired spoke effort. And the hub still rolls nicely. Comes with proprietary spoke magnet and Conti Gran Prix tire (visible in photo). Easy to adjust spoke tension at the axle/hub end of the spoke -- in the unlikely event you ever need to true these. I rode them for a long time without touching them. Skewer not included. This 16-spoke wheel design was a bit flexy for really big riders, but is fine for a front wheel. Also you need to be careful your brake pads do not rub against the spoke connections on the side of the rim when the pads get worn -- the noise will shock you if they do.
Asking 6500 yen.
IMG_0332.jpg IMG_0334.jpg IMG_0333.jpg
3. Rear wheel with Shimano Ultegra 6800 hub (works for 10 and 11 sprocket cassettes), TNI wider rim, and 32 spokes 3x -- DT Swiss Competition on drive side and Revolution on non-drive side. A good, serviceable training and long ride wheel. The rim is strong and seems to hold up very well. No tire mounted currently. Asking 7500 yen.
IMG_0341.jpg IMG_0340.jpg

4. High flange rear hub and wider touring rim from Sun XCD. Nice classic style with this rear wheel. Panasonic tire included. Compatible with 10 speed cassette. No complaints though not my favorite.
Asking 5000 yen.
IMG_0316 (1).jpg IMG_0317.jpg


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
A bit more info on some of these wheels:
1. The TNI and Sun XCD are mentioned in this report (together with the HED ones for sale on another thread and a few others I am keeping):
2. The Velocity A23 wheel with PV-8 dynamo hub (#00008) was built Nov 2012. I have mostly kept it on my commuting bike fixie (the Bianchi Pista concept), so it has not gotten more than a couple thousand kms of use -- as opposed to other Shutter Precision dynamo hubs that have gone much, much farther.
3. The TNI CX28 wheel when built is described here:
4. The Sun XCD wheel when built is described here:

... I did not build the other one (Shimano 7700).
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