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Burning calories?


Speeding Up
Dec 4, 2008
How do I find out how many calories I have burned? I guess this assumes not stopping at the pub for lunch.

Is there a magical formula?


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I think there are 'rules' for this ..

1) Anything you eat while riding wearing a proper kit automatically equals zero calories.
2) Food or drink breaks get you a 50% discount on any calories.
3) Post ride (within 2hrs) gets you a 25% discount on any calories. Beer, of course, in any quantity within 2hrs of finishing a ride gets you 100%. Therefore any beer consumed could safely be assumed to be zero-cal. But seriously - here is a very easy formula --

Take the average speed and multiply by your total weight (lbs) (you and your bike) , then multiply that times 60 to get cals / hr.

So for example --- Arakawa River Train for me :

My Weight - 155
My Bike - 19
Total Weight -174 + 1 lb for shoes = 175lb.

Average speed - 24mph

24mph = .1411 (round up) * 175 = 24.69 * 60 = 1481 cals /hr.

8 0.0295
10 0.0355
12 0.0426
14 0.0512
15 0.0561
16 0.0615
17 0.0675
18 0.0740
19 0.0811
20 0.0891
21 0.0975
23 0.1173
25 0.1411

So - I just kinda keep this 'magic number' in my head of 1500cals /hr. Of course going up a hill increases the rate and going down decreases it. And speed / intensity change it as well. So - for me personally - I figure I'm burning no less than 1000cals/hr and probably no more than 1700/hr. Then I just keep kinda mental tabs on what I'm eating. So far its worked pretty good - I've lost 17kg this year (stable).

Burning down the visceral fat is the hardest (and what beer, unfortunately, adds on quickest) This requires working out in the fat burn zone for at least (it seems) 2hrs minimum for 3x a week to see any results. I got most of my weight loss struggling with this and ended up just doing either Arakawa up / down or multiple Palace laps every other morning for several months. Boring - but pretty effective. Rain or shine. I'll start this again from next month to hammer off the last 2-3kg of gut remaining... ugh!

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
How do I find out how many calories I have burned?
There are many formulae, and they are complicated.

Here's a simple calculator for many activities, including cycling.

But there are many factors involved in calorie expenditure, not least of which is how fit you are. A cycling heart-rate monitor (HRM) programmed correctly with your weight, age etc. and with a fitness test function might give you an accurate reading. Or it might be wildly inaccurate because your individual metabolism may not be 'average'.

I guess this assumes not stopping at the pub for lunch.
Why? That would be calorie intake, which you would offset against calories expended to get your net 'burn' for the day.

--HF Mike--
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